Live-streaming is about to go-pro!


On Tuesday, it was announced that Periscope (a live-streaming app owned and run by Twitter) will be integrating its technology with GoPro (the brand that has changed the action camera world in recent years), meaning for the first time, live, point-of-view footage of someone called “dude” surfing a wave off the coast of Hawaii can be watched around the globe.

It follows the bizarre events earlier this month where a puddle blocking a Newcastle city-centre pathway became an online sensation thanks to the power of Periscope and Twitter. For some strange reason (I imagine people were just bored of the grey, miserable weather), #DrummondPuddleWatch received thousands upon thousands of views and interactions across various social media channels.

This comical event demonstrated the power social live-streaming can have. So imagine if what was being streamed was actually interesting. Broadcasters will be able to impress their online audiences with live feeds of whatever it is they’re broadcasting from all kinds of new angles. The winter X-Games, currently being held in the USA, is using the Periscope/GoPro service to keep the extreme sport enthusiasts of the world entertained. As well as Q&As with athletes and GoPro experts, viewers have been able to watch live “head-cam” footage of events such as the slopestyle.

I’m personally interested to see how both organisations and individuals will advertise through this channel. It’s only a matter of time before more strategically placed logos end up plastered across sporting attire, but I’m hoping we’ll see more creative efforts, too. Perhaps during a backflip, a skier will have to attempt to write out a brand’s logo with their hands (I’m just thinking out loud here)!

It’s not just the sport industry set to benefit from this. GoPros can be used for just about anything. One way a business can use them is at a show or exhibition. Having one on your stand as you make an announcement will give people unable to make the event a taste of what they’re missing. Or using one of the many mounts GoPros work with, for example the chest harness, will allow viewers to get a first-hand perspective of product demonstrations or even a live walking tour of what else there is to see at the show.

This should be an exciting collaboration between two technology brands who have been trying to break the mould of online video for a while now. I’m looking forward to see it develop, as well as the cool content that will be created as a result!