2016: The year of exciting tech


With the dawn of a new year and the annual CES tradeshow in full swing, it would only be right to share the top 5 pieces of technology that I am most excited for in 2016.

  1. It’s fairly shocking that only 8% of people stick to their New Year’s resolutions. With ‘losing weight’, ‘getting fitter’ and ‘eating more healthily’ among the most popular resolutions, the abundance of Fitness Tech announced at this week’s CES convention might be able to help with that. iFit has said that they it be launching a treadmill furnished with a 60” curved OLED screen, which apparently uses data from Google Maps to create a perception of running in “exotic locations”. I, for one, would be far more likely to stick to my ‘getting fitter’ resolution if I had the chance to jog along Rio de Janeiro beachfront for half an hour each evening!
  2. It is becoming clear that another trend at this year’s CES convention is equipping appliances with big displays. This week Samsung introduced its series of kitchen appliances including The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator, which features a 21.5 HD touchscreen. If keeping your food fresh was never enough, The Family Hub allows you to update calendars, share children’s drawing and pin pictures – no alphabet refrigerator magnets necessary. It is able to stream and play music or connect to wireless speakers – you can even use it to watch TV. Is there anything that this fridge can’t do?
  3. 2015 saw the launch of the “hover” board, yet I can’t be the only person who was slightly disheartened at the fact that these “hover boards” did not necessarily hover, or that they were in the news before Christmas as retailers took them off the shelves due to safety concerns. However, I am now satisfied, as 2016 will see in the Arcaboard which can hover over any terrain, including water. It might be worth mentioning the $19,000 price tag…
  4. On the subject of defying gravity, the fourth piece of tech that I was really excited to hear about is the EHang pilotless drone on display at CES this week. The mini-copter does not use manual controls — the passenger simply chooses their destination using the smartphone app. This piece of technology also comes with a hefty price tag, somewhere between $200,000 and $300,000.
  5. Last, but by no means least, Sensorwake, the smell-based alarm clock — with the idea being that you are able to wake from sleep with pleasant smells rather than harsh sounds. You can choose from chocolate, peppermint, espresso or croissant, but sadly there is no full English breakfast scent. Despite this being a creative and novel idea, unfortunately research has proven that scents will not rouse us from slumber!

Whether it be for Fitness technology, a smelly alarm clock or a fridge to watch TV on, 2016 is looking to be the year of some really exciting tech!