About Us

Founded as The Whiteoaks Consultancy in 1993, Whiteoaks International is the number one technology PR agency outside London1.

With 25 years’ experience, we’re proud to represent a collection of the most innovative B2B technology companies, from challenger brands on a fast-growth journey to established, multinational organisations. Recent external recognition and accreditations include:

92% of clients agree that we create campaigns which support their company’s business objectives

Client satisfaction survey, June 2019

How We Work

Since the beginning, we have always been a deliberately different kind of B2B tech PR agency. In 1999, we offered our clients a true PR breakthrough: ‘totally transparent PR with proven sales success’.

Today, an experienced team of over 35 delivers a vast range of PR, content, digital and integrated marketing services to leading innovative international technology clients in the fintech, retail, enterprise IT, fast-growth, built environment and broadcast sectors. We offer set fees for set deliverables, agreed performance targets and are committed to results-driven, transparent campaigns to ensure we always deliver for clients. Going further, we guarantee true ROI with formal service level agreements and pro-rata fee rebates, if targets are missed.

Replacing the conventional PR consultancy structure, which is predominantly made up of all-rounders, from 1997 each of our teams has one or more specialists in Industry Relations, Content Creation, Digital & Social and Account Coordination.  These unique and experienced individuals are led by an Account Director as the strategic account lead and an Account Manager, taking day-to-day responsibility for the team.

95% of clients gave Whiteoaks a score of 7 or above out of 10, when asked how likely they were to recommend us to a friend or colleague

Client satisfaction survey, June 2019

International Expertise

Since 1999, we have led and managed a network group of 70+ like-minded independent owner operated PR partner agencies across the globe. Now called the WIN PR Group, the network services clients with multi-territory requirements. The WIN PR Group is one of four different routes that we offer prospective clients looking for international PR support.

The international agency network and innovative approach to team management are key company strengths – and why we can successfully operate in its unique results-driven model.

[1] PR Week UK, 2020