Ella Thompson

Ella joined Whiteoaks in 2018 as a senior account manager. She holds a PR degree from Bournemouth University and began her career in PR and marketing in 2009 with an internship at HP. She has since established herself as a PR professional through a series of agency and in-house roles in the B2B tech space.

As Account Director she leads a team of specialists that work across the retail, cyber security and IT landscape.

Favourite food/drink: Crisps and dip easily for food (my weakness). Or Mexican food (again for the dip!). Drink wise vodka Diet Coke or a Porn Star martini.

Interesting fact about you: My house got struck by lightning when I was 13 days old.

Favourite ‘out of work’ activity: Going to the gym, or cycling. Aside from that it’s seeing friends and family or shopping.

Favourite type of holiday: Any holiday, but I do love adventure holidays – ideally beach and mountains.