Susan Richter

Susan was previously head of content for Whiteoaks before moving to her current role. As a seasoned copywriter and marketing communications specialist, she understands the intricacies of the B2B tech landscape and is adept at creating and executing content marketing campaigns that engage the right audiences. Now responsible for Whiteoaks’ external and customer marketing activities, Susan joined the business in 2013 and holds a BA (Hons) Communications degree from the University of South Africa.

Favourite food/drink: Anything Greek. Or German (yes, even sauerkraut!). And I do appreciate a good lager.

Interesting fact about you: Bob really is my uncle.

Favourite ‘out of work’ activity: Definitely dog walking (although I have to borrow one), reading and scrolling through the Netflix menu.

Favourite type of holiday: California road trips with awesome playlists and great friends, or Cretan villas with fantastic food.