Beauty and brains: the unstoppable partnership


Innovation is a wonderful thing. In an ever evolving world of adaption and improvement we seem to have an immeasurable thirst for betterment and discovery. I think that such a drive should be saluted, but who are these future-thinking creatives, and what exactly are they creating?

The Design Museum London has just announced its Design Award Winners for 2014. The awards are a hotbed of thrills that give a sneak peek into the splendid things to come from the people who are doing it best. Want top-drawer eye examination equipment to be available in the remotest corners of the earth all packaged neatly in a mobile phone? You got it. Want a piano so silky smooth it looks like the very waves of sound themselves have washed gently over it to create the instrument? Check. Want a chair that helps you to ‘sit healthy’? It’s yours. The full creative spectrum of humanity is encompassed in these award winning designs, and they’re beautiful.

The Design Awards have been capturing the pinnacles of cutting edge, original talent for seven years now and the most recent designs are on exhibition at the Design Museum until August 25th 2014.

We’ve been creating beautiful things for thousands of years now, but one thing has accelerated and enabled this creation is technology. Looking through the list of bewilderingly slick architecture, fashion, furniture, graphics, products, transport and digital creations that have won Design Awards this year, it becomes apparent that tech has brought us to a great place that would otherwise be entirely implausible. The Design Awards highlight the universal appeal of marrying science and beauty. As discrete concepts, the two can be both impressive and inspiring, but together they somehow seem more natural, more pleasing.

To take an example, Porsche may be a world-renowned engineering company, but it is also praised for creating one of the most iconic and globally recognised silhouettes in the motoring world. Similarly, architects the world over strive to combine cutting edge technology with aesthetic design to craft buildings that please the eye while performing environmental functions.

Technology and art each have many a critic and who’s to judge what is ‘innovative’ or ‘beautiful?’ It could be argued that the very essence of innovation and beauty is that they are imperfect – that there is infinite scope for improvement with anyone able to contribute.

Check out the full list of Design Awards winners here and cast your judgement on the balance of brains to beauty.