Some companies think of a trend as something that will pass quicker than it came about. While there’s an element of truth to this with a small sub-section of them, most stay for longer than a blink of an eye. Let’s take artificial intelligence (AI) as an example. A few years ago, some people viewed it as a futuristic buzzword that lacked substance. Today, AI and machine learning (ML) technologies are revolutionising all industries. There are few businesses out there that haven’t explored ChatGPT’s capabilities.

Trends enable businesses to break the boundaries of the market. They offer exciting opportunities for fuelling innovation and fresh ideas for competitive differentiation. However, keeping up with relevant trends is no easy feat, particularly for marketing leaders. What do they need to do to keep pace?

Where the struggle lies

Internal business culture, market conditions and rapid evolution can leave B2B tech brands struggling to stay ahead of the latest trends, leading to potential growth and market expansion opportunities passing them by.

Businesses often have multiple priorities, from daily operations to long-term strategic planning, which can vary depending on the department. Marketing departments are likely to have different priorities to finance departments. This makes it difficult for the organisation to collectively focus on emerging trends and agree on the most important ones.

Tough market conditions have also pushed leaders to prioritise the bottom line. Smaller businesses or those with tight budgets may lack the resources to invest in trend analysis and implementation, and financial pressures have only worsened for many as inflation has increased costs. Perhaps most significantly, trends can change quickly, making it difficult to stay updated without dedicated effort and attention.

These difficulties can make the practical strategies for navigating trends hard to implement. Regularly reading industry publications, investing in market research and attending webinars and conferences to improve knowledge would all leave brands better placed to latch on to new opportunities. But what if these strategies could instead be left in the hands of the experts?

Tapping into trends with performance-driven insights

Partnering with a performance-driven PR agency can provide valuable insights and support in incorporating trends into business strategy. Comprised of experts in media relations, design, social media and content creation, our specialist functions collaborate to not only keep clients ahead of latest trends, but capitalise on the opportunities they present as well.

For example, Whiteoaks provides in-depth market research and competitor analysis reports to keep businesses informed about the latest trends and their potential impact. Say that a B2B tech brand wants to capitalise on the buzz around AI by launching a new AI-driven product to market. A research project can delve into the opinions and concerns of prospects and customers to understand their current pain points, their readiness to adopt such a solution and the product features they would most value.

A Performance PR agency can also secure top-tier media coverage around trending topics. This allows organisations to make valuable contributions to the conversation, positioning them as thought leaders and helping to build brand awareness. These tangible trend-related initiatives are backed by a commitment to deliver measurable results through established KPIs, enabling a positive ROI.

Beyond just the latest buzzwords

Staying ahead of industry trends isn’t just knowing the latest buzzwords, it’s about driving innovation, seizing new opportunities and achieving differentiation in a competitive market. Some trends fade as quickly as they appear, but others have lasting impacts that businesses should grasp with both hands.

Internal business culture, market conditions and the rapid pace of change can make it difficult for B2B tech brands to focus on and implement the necessary strategies to stay ahead of trends. One of the most effective ways is by partnering with a Performance PR agency.

Whiteoaks helps B2B tech brands stay at the forefront of changing trends in their sector, offering services such as comprehensive market research, competitor analysis, and generating media coverage to help clients become part of the conversation. We provide the expertise and resources needed to turn trend-related initiatives into measurable successes, ensuring a positive return on investment.

Leverage the latest trends with a Performance PR campaign. Contact one of our experts today.


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