Get to know our Junior Account Manager, Amber Chawner as she shares what it’s like to work at Whiteoaks and her best advice for someone looking to get into PR:

Hannah Buckey, our Head of Content chats to us about her experience of working at Whiteoaks and the path that led her here.

Don’t miss some top tips from our Head of Social & Digital, Ross Walker as he shares three ways to get ROI from your social media channels:

A good client-agency relationship is a partnership. At least it should be. But too often it’s relegated to a transactional relationship – something we hear often in a new business environment.

What’s needed to build a lasting long term relationship and ensure your long-term growth? What should you expect from your PR agency? While the list isn’t exhaustive, here are Chief Client Officer, John Broy’s 5 things:

Get to know our Content Creator, Alex Eve, as he shares a snapshot of what it’s like to work at Whiteoaks:

As an agency we hear often enough in a new business environment that ROI is kind of murky and difficult to see. We challenge that view because we believe ROI in PR isn’t a myth or pipe dream. It’s achievable.

Watch Head of Business Development Bekki Bushnell shares her 5 steps to better PR ROI:

Since the beginning, we have always been a deliberately different kind of B2B tech PR agency. Nearly 30 years ago, we offered our clients a true PR breakthrough: ‘totally transparent PR with proven sales success’.

We help B2B tech businesses grow, prosper, succeed. For nearly 30 years we’ve been developing and delivering PR, content, creative, media, and digital and social campaigns across a diverse range of clients, including broadcast manufacturing, retail, supply chain and logistics, enterprise IT, cyber security, fintech and fast-growth companies.

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