How to control the Eiffel Tower

By Bekki Bushnell, Head of Business Development

For those who aren’t aware (and trust me, you will be by the end of the week) the European Championships kick off in France on Friday. The month-long festival of football will delight many, but prove a nightmare for those lovers of terrestrial television that will see their Eastenders or Corrie schedule messed around to make space for Portugal vs Iceland.

While – sadly – we have not indulged in the bi-annual money drain that is Panini stickers, excitement is building at Whiteoaks Towers. We may not have any Russians or Slovakians in our ranks, but England v Wales on June 16 is sure to create a temporary divide among what is of course a harmonious office. Cue banter from our Welsh contingent about how Hal Robson-Kanu is going to “get us” or how we will never get past Wayne Hennessey.

All this is a roundabout way of getting on to the topic of Paris and – more specifically – the Eiffel Tower. In a brilliant move, the colours that adorn the City of Light’s most famous landmark will be determined by posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If ever there was a reason to get behind your team, this is it!

Orange, an official sponsor of the tournament, will search through each social network and figure out which nation’s supporters are the most vocal through the use of a hashtag. That team’s colours will then light up the tower shortly after the end of each day’s final match.

To put the size of Orange’s task into perspective, 32.1million tweets were shared during the 2014 World Cup final. It will be interesting to see which nation wins the battle for control of the Eiffel Tower most frequently. My money has to be on England — mobile reception is rubbish in Wales, isn’t it?

Each major tournament is billed as “the biggest social media event”, so we will eagerly await news on how social networks play a part in the tournament. One thing must be for sure, the Eiffel Tower will be white, red and blue on June 16!