31 January 2017 DV Closet, a digital fashion start-up founded by entrepreneur Danae Varangis, has embarked on a PR and social media campaign with The Whiteoaks Consultancy. With a strong background in and around the London fashion scene, Danae and her company provides consumers with virtual fashion styling via an app.

The campaign, designed around the official launch of the DV Closet app and associated fashion line, is dedicated to raising awareness of the brand through thought leadership and furthering its presence on social media by focusing on engagement with its customers.

Danae Varangis, Founder of DV Closet, says: “DV Closet brings styling into the digital world, making it accessible to anyone with a smartphone. Everyone involved in this venture, from myself, to the fashionistas giving out advice, we’re all passionate about fashion and using technology to help us reach our audience and build a community. The team at Whiteoaks is equally passionate about technology and about the work they do, so they were the ideal fit in helping us broaden the reach of DV Closet.”

Part of the social media campaign is focused on growing the company’s presence on Instagram by connecting with fashion influencers, sharing their styles and generating interest and engagement in a wider audience. This will also feed into the thought leadership aspect of the programme designed to raise the profile of both the company and its founder.

The DV Closet app is available in 24 countries and a further aim of the PR campaign is to drive downloads.

James Kelliher, CEO at Whiteoaks, says: “DV Closet epitomises the type of client that we love working with; one that is innovative, technology-savvy and has a truly unique offering that we are helping bring to market. We look forward to working closely with the DV Closet team in achieving these PR goals and elevating the company’s presence in the industry.”


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