My first month as a Junior Account Executive


As I’m nearing the end of my first month as a Junior Account Executive at Whiteoaks, I’m reflecting on what I thought it would be like to start my career here versus my day to day reality of working in such a fast-paced B2B tech PR agency. As a recent graduate with a BA in Public Relations, I was very eager to secure a job in the PR sector as soon as I could.

When the opportunity to work at Whiteoaks arose, I wasn’t quite sure if B2B tech was necessarily my niche. During my studies I had focused more on B2C PR and crisis management communications but I didn’t want to limit my opportunities so I proceeded to see what Whiteoaks had to offer.

My interview went smoothly and I felt as though I had really clicked with the team members I would be working with — coincidently the team I would be joining is called Team Phoenix, which is the city where I’m from. I’m a firm believer in fate and if that’s not fate throwing me a bone then I don’t know what is!

Fast forward, I was offered the job and excited to start my big-girl career that would somewhat cover my bills and the occasional pizza.

After being offered the position, I started to envisage what I thought my new job would be like. Would it be days filled with writing press releases, chasing media leads, and dealing with clients? Or I would be making tea and coffee and stapling papers for the first six months?

One thing I would was very pleased with was my on the job training during my first month. On my first day I was given a schedule that had training sessions with different colleagues throughout the weeks. I found this very exciting because not only was I able to meet multiple people in the office but my sessions were being taught by people who were skilled in that area.

After I finished my initial training, I was put straight to work. Surprisingly I have actually used some tools I learned in uni that I could remember whispering to my classmates, ‘we are never going to use this.’ At the time, I didn’t think PR students needed to learn graphic design tools but there I was two weeks into my new job and using InDesign. Being a JAE, I can see the important role I play in supporting my team to ensure we meet our clients’ expectations. I do this by preparing agendas, action reports and keeping up to date records on clients’ media coverage.

During my first month at Whiteoaks I have been immersed within my JAE role; I’m not just making tea and stapling papers. I’ve been taught how to pitch to journalists, I’m writing blogs, handling social media content and speaking with clients.

Reflecting on my thoughts that I had prior to starting, I can happily say that my position here at Whiteoaks is above and beyond what I had hoped for to kick-start my PR career. I had never considered Tech PR to be a sector I would go into, yet here I am and loving it.