Has twitter lost its creativity?


Personally, I hope not. However, it’s a valid question that a lot of people are asking following Twitter’s recent overhaul of profile pages. If yours hasn’t changed yet, keep an eye out, it should be with you very soon!

It’s not so much that the changes are bad or have ruined the Twitter experience, but it just looks extremely similar to the profile pages of rival Facebook. It’s a big step for Twitter – and I always think change is good – but you can’t help but make comparisons.

Let’s start from the top. The ‘header’ image which used to take up a small part of the screen, surrounding the profile picture and the user’s bio, now occupies the top of the profile, covering the width of the page. Moving down, we have the profile picture. This is now set to the left hand side – just like Facebook. Next to the profile picture, we have ‘tweets’, ‘photos’, ‘following’, ‘followers’ and ‘favourites’ tabs. Obviously these options were part of the Twitter layout before the changes, but a couple of tweaks to font size and positioning and there’s an uncanny resemblance to how Facebook has looked for a while now.

If I guide you back to the left of the page, you’ll see that the bio or user info can now be found here. Your personal information, interests, inspirational quotes, website links etc., are now enjoying themselves below your cheesy profile picture, much like FB.

So on the face of it (pun intended), it’s clear to see where the guys at Twitter got their inspiration from. I do think there is method in the madness though. Firstly, in a world where everyone is running around outside the box, trying to come up with new ideas, sometimes the best way to do things is to park yourself smack, bang in the middle of that box. This is what, I think, Twitter has done. They’ve put their own spin on a layout that is simple, and a format they know that works, and works very well given the huge number of users that Facebook boasts.

To try and remain competitive and fight off the likes of Google+, Twitter is trying to appeal to social media users who love everything about Facebook, but have never given the microblogging site the chance it deserves.

Let’s hope these changes pay off, and this back-to-basics approach can take that small blue bird to new heights!