How can brands use spotify?


After struggling to come up with something cool to write a blog about, I took to my phone, grabbed my headphones, hit play and thought it would probably be best to come back to the whole blog thing at a different time.

Here’s when the planets aligned and everything fell into place… Why not write about the wonders of where the music was coming from – Spotify?

For those of you who are unaware of Spotify, it’s a music streaming service which is changing the way people listen to their ‘jams’. By signing up to it (for free), you have access to north of 20 million songs, which is enough to keep your ears busy. You can set up playlists, follow artists, post songs to social networks like Twitter or Facebook and for a monthly fee you can enhance your experience with features such as no adverts and being able to listen to songs offline.

So, how can brands use Spotify? Music isn’t an area that marketers would normally think to exploit, but it can be done.

Something your company may want to consider is a ‘Branded Playlist’ . For a fee, brands are able to create their own official playlist which can be found on both Spotify, as well as embedded on websites or blogs. These playlists can be followed by users or simply listened to by people who come across your webpage.

The beauty of this unique way of hitting customers is that it can be adapted and changed within a matter of clicks. The playlist could be something that’s updated on a regular basis or just as and when a new track comes up. A common use for a branded playlist is when there’s an event or special occasion. For example the Lotus Formula 1 team created a playlist for different races during last season, which was a great way to give fans another way of connecting with the team.

The long and short of it is although it may not initially seem like a viable option for your company to invest time and money into, music is a very personal medium and easily catches the emotions of people from all kinds of backgrounds. It is a different way for brands to amplify themselves and engage with new audiences.

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