How famous brands found their names


I find the origins of brand names fascinating. And actually, a brand’s name is one of the most important elements of its proposition. Acting as its primary foundation, a brand name is a recall and recognition device, communicating attributes and personality, and eventually becoming the brand’s very own IP.

So naming a brand is an important task that requires time and thought, right?

Some of the best brand names I’ve found relate to objects with sentimental value or combine meanings together to create a ‘brand’ new name using Latin or modern language.

See below for a list of my top 5 favourite brands and enjoy finding out where their names originated from…inspiration at its best!


Adobe is named after Adobe Creek, which flowed behind the house of the co-founder, John Warnock.


SEGA – the classic brand from my era! SEGA is actually an acronym of ‘Service Games of Japan’, which was founded by an American called Martin Bromley who imported pinball games to Japan for use in US military bases.


Vodafone is made up of Voice, Data and Telefone; the three main attributes of the telecom giant’s service.


LEGO is a combination of ‘Leg Godt’, which means to ‘play well’ in Danish. Interestingly, LEGO also means ‘I put together’ in Latin, but LEGO claims this is purely a happy coincidence!


Sony represents a combination of two meanings. The first is ‘sonus’, which means ‘sound’ in Latin. And the second is ‘sonny’, which is slang for ‘bright youngster’ in the US.