Latest technology news – weekly round-up


Colour-changing clothes could make tech fashionable

19th September 2013
New Scientist, Hal Hodson

Carrying on the trend of wearable tech, a collection of clothes which change colour has been unveiled. The jackets and dresses have built in flexible strips of LED’s that shine outwards, through the material. The LEDs are controlled by a smartphone app.
They were unveiled at the highly coveted ‘International Symposium on Wearable Computers’ conference. 

Adblockers are more innovative than the advertising industry

19th September 2013, Lea Simpson

Ad-blocking software cost Google $887m in lost advertising revenues in 2012 and it is estimated that by 2018 most internet users will, by default, use ad-blocking software – is it time for the online commercial model to mature and, more importantly, innovate? 

GTA V exceeds $1 billion in only 3 days

20th September 2013, James Brightman

Grand Theft Auto 5, the latest in the phenomenally successful video game franchise from Edinburgh-based developer Rockstar, has become the biggest selling title ever released.

The game is the most expensive yet made, it is thought to have cost around £170m ($266m) to produce, this brings it in at around the same budget as Avatar, the highest grossing movie to date. Extending that comparison, Grand Theft Auto 5 broke $1 billion during its first three days on sale as compared to the $87 million taken by Avatar over the course of its opening weekend. Avatar has generated sales of $2.78 billion across all formats to date, Grand Theft Auto may yet go on to become the biggest-selling entertainment product ever.