Latest technology news – weekly round-up


Small Business Advice Week

2nd September 2013

This week (2-8 September) is Small Business Advice Week, which has crept under the radar somewhat as it only came to our attention late last week. It is fairly small, but is supported by the Federation of Small Business, so it is definitely credible.

Anyway, the website is looking for “advice for small businesses” in various categories, one of which is technology and innovation. What this provides is an opportunity for clients with SMB customers to post a case study online singing the virtues of their service.

Google quietly introduces Helpouts: Google+ Hangouts that connect people to experts

2nd September 2013
The Next Web

Google is testing out a new type of Google hangout that’s called a “Helpout”. The new service will be tied into Google+ and it’s basically Google Hangouts: not with friends, but with teachers.

The God of ‘SNL’ Will See You Now

22nd August 2013
The New York Times, Dave Itzkoff

There is a new innovation in the world of Twitter which might be a good way to increase the sharing rate for success stories. ‘Editorialised Tweets’ mean that online publishers and website owners can now pre-select 140 character sections of articles which can be highlighted so readers can automatically choose to Tweet them. The NY Times has been the first publication to experiment and Twitter has found that the technique means subsequent tweets are shared 11 times more often than standard tweets.

Skype confirms 3D video calls are under development

29th August 2013
BBC News, Leo Kelion

Skype confirmed this week that it has developed 3D video calling, the announcement was made as the company turned 10. Although it could take a few years, there are rumours about the possibility of enabling workers to attend meetings without travelling, with the use of “body doubles”.