A reflection on work experience at Whiteoaks


As a student studying media at sixth form college there are many paths that I could potentially go down, whether it’s film or TV production, editing, journalism, or marketing. The beauty of it all is that, currently, I don’t have a clear vision of what my future will look like. Journalism has always interested me but I don’t feel my talents particularly lie in writing or presenting, and film and TV (although one of my favourite hobbies) just isn’t what I see myself doing in 10 years.

PR was suggested to me in passing by a teacher during my first year of GCSE and since then I have wondered what PR is really about. So when it came around to me looking for work experience, an agency seemed like the perfect place to learn.

During my two weeks at Whiteoaks I have witnessed first-hand true professionals at work, how they interact with clients and each other. Having spent time with each of the teams here I experienced what goes on and even had a go at a few things myself. Social media posts, data mining, pitches, research, interview briefs and a press release have all been thrown my way. Being allowed to actually get involved and trying my hand at what the Whiteoaks team members do day-to-day, I have gained insight that no amount of googling could have given me.

Everyone here has been incredibly lovely and encouraging, giving me great feedback and teaching me the ins and outs of PR. It would obviously take a huge amount of time to truly understand most of the technology lingo that has been used, but I appreciate that would take a good deal more experience. At the start of the two weeks I was absolutely terrified and genuinely thought that I wouldn’t make it through the Monday; now at the end of my time here I realise just how wrong I was. Whiteoaks has been a great opportunity for me and I am so thankful to everyone here that has made my experience the best I could have hoped for.

I’m still not sure what my future is going to look like, and the university or apprenticeship argument is still echoing at the back of mind. But what I can say for definite is that PR is a front runner in the race of potential careers. A massive thank you to Whiteoaks for letting me sit in your offices and pretend I have a clue what going on, and thank you for actually telling me what was going on.