It goes without saying that all at Whiteoaks were shocked and saddened by the tragic events in Manchester on Monday night. Such a horrific event – brutally targeting children and young people enjoying a music concert – has rightly led to international condemnation.

But from adversity comes the many, many stories of courage and generosity that have offered some ray of hope.
From taxi drivers offering free rides, to the surge of people arranging to give blood at donor banks to help the injured.

Take the example of a Twitter hashtag, something we take for granted in the B2B tech world, and how #RoomForManchester was used by strangers opening up their homes to those affected by the attacks at the Manchester Arena.

Or the woman who posted her mobile number online, offering a place for people to charge their phones and have a roof over their heads. The woman in question told the BBC she received over 200 calls from concerned friends and family.

The Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham, got involved, pointing people towards the hashtag to increase its reach.
That social media, so often vilified as the crux of all that is wrong with “today’s youth”, can so suddenly become a force for good more than justifies its place.

As the City of Manchester looks to rebuild in the wake of such an act of atrocity, it is important that these stories of ordinary people working for an extraordinary good are given the most publicity possible.

That social media has become a vehicle to achieve this is, to our mind, a very modern solution to a problem that is – regrettably – very old.

Our condolences to the victims and their loved ones.


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