Rubbing shoulders with the great and the good at NAB

By James Kelliher, Chief Executive

NAB is a huge event in the Whiteoaks calendar – and 2016 was no different. Our intrepid team represented 10 clients, while I had the pleasure of meeting more than 30 prospective tech companies looking to join the Whiteoaks family. It is always a huge source of pride to see Whiteoaks staff hastily running journalists from point A to point B, discussing the latest and greatest trends in broadcast, media and entertainment.

The event kicked off in familiar fashion for me, however, as I forgot my ID on the opening night and was thus refused service at pretty well every bar I went to (and you aren’t short of choices in Vegas). Sadly, this is not the first time I have made such a faux pas on opening night – and the ensuing panic is now becoming as much an annual occurrence as NAB itself. As I near 40, I am not sure whether to be exasperated or flattered by this.  Still, it could be worse, two of my colleagues were attending a Britney Spears concert.

With meetings booked across the north, east and south halls, many a mile was covered, resulting in a healthy collection of blisters, but it is all in the name of good, clean fun.

The usual big themes included IP, media production and virtual reality, which aren’t exactly new trends but evolving ones. On a personal level, NAB marked the first time I had ever seen a 3D television that did not require the user to wear glasses. This is a fabulous example of how technology will always continue to innovate to solve challenges.

And ultimately, that is why I love attending these events – and also why technology PR is such a fascinating place to be. To see so many innovations, across so many sectors and industries, is hugely exciting. This was Whiteoaks’ 19th consecutive year at NAB and it is this heritage, knowledge and experience that really does set us apart.

For broadcast, media and entertainment, the party bus rolls on to Amsterdam with IBC in September. Expect to see more stoic ‘Oakers out in force, helping our clients achieve great results.