Name and title

Charlotte Causley, Associate Director

How long have you worked at Whiteoaks?

Since October 2017

Tell us a bit more about your career progression within Whiteoaks, for example, your first role and how you’ve developed since then

I joined WO as an Account Manager originally in Team Taurus before progressing to SAM and then becoming an Account Director to head up the then newly formed Team Indus in 2019. Since then I have developed to Associate Director with support from the management team and now oversee two of WO’s account streams, Team Indus and Team Ara.

How did you get into PR? For example, what did you study? Your previous jobs, etc.

I’m definitely a creative and much better with words than I ever was with numbers! So when looking at university degrees the PR course at Bournemouth stood out to me for its mix of media relations and writing and communication skills – it was also one of the most highly regarded courses for this subject in the country. The best part of this course was the placement year where I was lucky enough to do my time with the PR team at McLaren Automotive (proud daughter moment with a dad who is massively into his cars and F1) which massively boosted my interest in PR and gave me the opportunity to work with some fantastic peers all around the world. The majority of my career remained in automotive PR when I worked at a boutique PR agency which boasted clients like Volvo and Peugeot which also dipped my toe into B2B PR which encouraged me to make the transition to B2B tech and led me to where I am today.

What’s been the highlight of your Whiteoaks career so far?

Working with our broadcast clients I’ve been lucky enough to travel to both the NAB (Las Vegas) and IBC (Amsterdam) shows for two years running. While the locations are glamorous and fun, there’s nothing more rewarding than hosting 50+ successful journo briefings with the clients in attendance and seeing the coverage results continue to come in weeks and months later.

What makes you smile at the end of the day?

No matter how long you’ve been in PR – seeing a great piece of client coverage come through still makes me smile given the team effort it takes to get there, from the account team to bridging the subject with the client, to the media team selling in the idea and content crafting the final piece.

When I’m not PRing I like to…

Workout! Usually you’ll find me doing CrossFit, running, swimming, walking or yoga (but not all at once…)

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