Three months at Whiteoaks – a lifetime of experience


Having recently completed three months at Whiteoaks Consultancy, Team Lynx content creator Jordan Aylward reflects on his time thus far and the rewards of working for a dynamic, fast-paced B2B PR agency.

Although quite how it’s happened is still a mystery to me, three whole months have flown by since I started working for Whiteoaks. It still feels as though it was only yesterday when I first stepped through the door, and yet despite the relatively short period of time, I feel like I’ve gained a lifetime of experience.

Before starting work as a Whiteoaks content creator, my experience in public relations was fairly limited. I studied journalism at university, and apart from a six-month stint as a part-time PR intern at a London-based record label, I’d spent the rest of my professional career writing copy for a consumer electronics company. I knew full well that B2B PR was set to be an entirely different world to what I was used to – one that seemed both challenging and exciting to be a part of.

Normally I would cringe at the use of such bandied about clichés, but it’s really no exaggeration to say that I knew I’d made the right decision from the first moment I stepped foot in the Whiteoaks office (OK, I still cringed at that a little bit, but the point still stands). It had the buzz of activity and intellectual curiosity that I’d always craved from a workplace, and that collective sense of enthusiasm is something I still find beneficial to my work ethic, whether it’s participating in group meetings or simply brainstorming ideas for articles. Whiteoaks employees don’t work because they have to; they work because they want to.

If I’ve learned anything from my professional writing career thus far, it’s that a job is only as good as the coffee machine people you’re surrounded by every day, and Whiteoaks has proved to be a shining example of this. Every single individual within the company is fun, smart, dynamic and willing to push one another to help achieve the best possible work results.

This, in my opinion, is a clear reflection on the effort made by the leadership team to make sure they’re employing the best all-round candidates to join the team – not just the person with the most impressive CV. There’s also a clear ‘work hard, play hard’ philosophy that is a clear driving force for the whole team, proving that if you put the effort in, the rewards will soon follow. The early finishes on a Friday are a nice bonus, too!

Since that first day, my time at Whiteoaks has been nothing short of a whirlwind — thrilling, challenging and rewarding all in equal measure. Every day is different – one day I might be tasked with writing a press release for a client, and another will find me setting out a whitepaper based on the latest industry research. This variety of work has helped me to expand my technical knowledge, further my writing skills across all kinds of formats and grow to become a more confident and versatile PR copywriter.

It’s fast-paced, exhilarating and an incredibly fun place to spend each day, and most importantly, I leave work each day feeling a sense of accomplishment. If that isn’t the sign of a fulfilling job, then what is?