Twitter engagement – a good batting average

By Bekki Bushnell, Head of Business Development

Whisper it quietly, but I find myself agreeing with 90 per cent of what Piers Morgan says.

Yes he is acerbic, volatile and opinionated in the extreme, but the man makes for a damn fine addition to any Twitter feed.

With every dire England performance at this winter’s cricket world cup in Australia and New Zealand, Morgan’s calls for the return of Kevin Pietersen (England’s swashbuckling, but divisive star batsman) grow ever louder.

Morgan has been Pietersen’s greatest social media advocate (thanks in no small part to their friendship) but the former Mirror editor’s willingness to engage with armchair fans right up to some of the game’s greatest names shows one thing – he drives engagement.

Away from cricket, Morgan speaks from the heart. He is uncensored and knows how to push the buttons of his opponents in less than 140 characters.

This got me thinking about what makes a good Twitter profile. True, Morgan is not everyone’s cup of tea (certainly within the three floors of Whiteoaks Towers) but his qualities as a social media presence are admirable. Namely:

• People want to interact with him
• People follow him for his opinions
• He handles detractors with a firm hand
How much of Morgan’s style can be adapted from a PR perspective, I am not so sure – but it gives pause for thought. Should B2B PR accounts be more challenging, less conventional, deliberately volatile in order to get prospects involved?

I am not seriously suggesting that the fine Whiteoaks client base starts a campaign against the England & Wales Cricket Board, but can we loosen the reins slightly on social media?

But, Morgan is an Arsenal fan. The buck has to stop somewhere.