Twitter tackles the holidays with discount feature for retailers


Last week the social media giant announced its second major retail product to facilitate consumerism through its platform, ‘Twitter Offers’. Following the release of the Twitter “buy” button earlier this year, Twitter has quickly leveraged their recent acquisition of CardSpring to test ‘Twitter Offers’ – a simple “get offer” button that helps shoppers to quickly redeem discounts from a retailer tweet.

Just in time for the Christmas and New Year shopping blitz, both online and high street retailers are testing the service. It’s clear that deals are important to shoppers this time of year – perhaps now more than ever, as America’s annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount days are also becoming staples in the UK – so allowing consumers to view targeted deals, and access them with one simple click, could transform the way retailers discount for the holidays season.

So how does it work? While details are scant on how a retailer will set up Twitter Offers, using the “get offer” button couldn’t be simpler for users. Discounts are embedded in tweets, so potential shoppers just have to click a button to link the promotion with their credit cards. When a shopper makes a purchase, the discount will show up directly on credit card statements.

This move into the retailing industry feels like a natural fit for the micro-blogging site, where many users share information about purchases made, or future buys (the #AmazonCart hashtag is used 3,000 per day alone). The advantages are clear for consumers. And beyond attracting sales, retailers can benefit from the ROI management tools Twitter Offers can provide – for example, retailers will be able to attribute redemptions directly to their campaigns on Twitter, making ROI simple to measure.

With Twitter Offers being tested in the US at the peak of the holiday shopping season, we’ll soon see the real impact of Twitter Offers on the retailing industry.