What’s next for apple?


Autumn is always a busy time of year for Apple, with this year being no different. Last week saw the release of a thinner, lighter iPad and a new version of the iPad Mini. This is in addition to two new iPhones, the 5S and the 5C, as well as a major software update, iOS7, that were released in September. So with its fresh range of products satisfying the high expectations of fans around the world (for the time being at least), where does Apple go next?

As an owner of an iPhone, iPad and two iPods, it’s safe to say I’m an Apple fan. As such, I’m fully aware that in the months to come there’s likely to be multiple tweaks to the software that’ll make it run smoother and faster. But what will Apple do next to ensure it remains the must-have brand in consumer tech?

With the smart watch looking likely to become the next big thing, Apple needs to come up with a design that can better Samsung’s entry into the market, the Galaxy Gear, or Sony’s SmartWatch. If it fails, it could be another area in which it will lose market share, similar to that of Android losing ground on iOS since the release of Apple’s latest software.

Apple will no doubt be keeping one eye on Nokia, a company that in recent years was not a real threat. However, since Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobile device business in September this year, the Finnish company could start to claw back some of its previous fan base. Like Apple, Nokia also had some big announcements last week, as it confirmed it would be entering the tablet market with a device based on Microsoft software.

For the short-term, I don’t think Apple has much to worry about. Its brand will ensure it remains successful, but soon it may start to lose ground to its competitors. The next few years will be quite important with new devices and software needing to be ever more revolutionary – bigger than simply introducing a finger-print scanner, for example. In fact, to retain its position as a consumer favourite, a complete overhaul of the devices may be needed.

I think a fresh approach and a change from the square design of the range of mobile devices, using slightly more modern materials, would be a move welcomed by fans worldwide. Apple is the pinnacle of consumer technology, and I think that should be the point they develop future products around.