The Whiteoaks Consultancy study finds ROI is top concern for companies investing in PR

30 August 2016 More than three quarters of B2B companies say demonstrating a return on investment is their number one priority when looking to engage a PR agency, according to a survey conducted by The Whiteoaks Consultancy.

But less than a third of those currently use an agency that establishes any link between what they’re paying for and the business outcomes they want to achieve.

According to those surveyed, the main outputs they want to see from PR are:

  • Attracting investors
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Boosting positive perceptions
  • Increasing share of voice compared with competitors
  • Help with entry into new markets

Responding to the results, Whiteoaks CEO James Kelliher, said: “What the survey shows us is that businesses are crying out for a transparent way of showing the link between PR outputs and their business objectives, but very few are currently achieving it.

“It is a common problem that companies are held back by their misplaced view of our industry. The results told us 72{20156fe61baea400d2663eb990f17abdabeb6ef183a2129287a793abd8ac1d8a} do not believe it is possible to establish this link – something we simply disagree with.”

The survey also showed 81{20156fe61baea400d2663eb990f17abdabeb6ef183a2129287a793abd8ac1d8a} of firms do not expect a method to showcase ROI when buying PR.

Kelliher concluded: “As Whiteoaks consistently proves, it is entirely possible to link performance with rapid and tangible business results.”