Why should your brand be on Snapchat?


Did you know that it would take 10 years to view all photos shared on Snapchat in the last hour… Crazy isn’t it! I don’t think I’m the only person to say they have enjoyed the new addition to social media that brings a whole new sense of humour in taking pictures and selfies. This is one of the many reasons why your brand should be on Snapchat — to spawn a more enjoyable approach to advertising.

Snapchat was created by three Stanford University students and caught on like wild fire. It has 100 million daily active users but only 1{20156fe61baea400d2663eb990f17abdabeb6ef183a2129287a793abd8ac1d8a} of advertisers are currently using the app. It may not be up there in the billions like Facebook but it is still relatively young and growing at an extremely rapid rate. With only 1{20156fe61baea400d2663eb990f17abdabeb6ef183a2129287a793abd8ac1d8a} being used to promote brands this means now is the prime time to get your brand out there and ahead of the game. It is likely that your competitors will not be taking full advantage of this platform and therefore not reaching the vast amount of people that you could.

If there aren’t enough reasons already to advertise your brand on snapchat, more photos are viewed and shared on this exciting app than any other social media network around at the moment. In fact, 8,796 photos are shared every second! Just think about that for a second. Yep…nearly 9,000 images and videos have just been shared around the globe.

You may be questioning how companies, small and large, can benefit from using this app to brand and advertise. Well, Snapchat allows you to send users short videos and pictures that are viewable for a matter of seconds but this does require you to be in tune with the people you want to engage with and connect with your brand.

Snapchat has surpassed six billion video views a day and its new discover features are already being used by names such as Cosmopolitan, Sky News and Buzz Feed, as well as many others allowing an opportunity of an enormous amount of people being able to view your brand. With increasing popularity and an ever-growing mobile audience to reach, social medias new super star is potentially the future of advertising your brand.

As well as Snapchat being used to advertise brands, here at Whiteoaks we have used it to communicate with clients and the media. While it’s certainly not conventional, or replacing email and the telephone just yet, it adds a level of engagement and opens up the communications playing field.

It’s easy to get lost in all the numbers and high figures that comes with Snapchat, but its audience is entirely mobile, which is where all this digital stuff is going, right? Snapchat’s user base is entirely made up of smartphone users, so if that’s the audience you’re looking for it’s a good place to start.

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