Work Experience: An Introduction to PR

Whiteoaks Admin

Public relations has always seemed a bit of a mystery to me. Paid for by its clients to boost public perception, PR agencies always appeared to companies simply based on common sense, in my former immature ignorance. However, as I look to begin my final two days of work experience at Whiteoaks, I have swiftly discovered that the PR industry, and Whiteoaks itself, is not quite as first perception may have seemed.

Located on West Street in Farnham, Surrey, Whiteoaks’ five specialist teams are subtly slaving away, aiming to provide media coverage and social media stability to B2B tech companies.

The aspect I was most eagerly anticipating before beginning the week was embracing and discovering more about the office environment (a feature of the working world that episodes of ‘The Office’ and ‘The IT Crowd’ could only teach so much).

What stood out most to me about Whiteoaks was, aside from the impeccable selection of drinks in the fridge, the laid-back efficiency of the workforce. An amicable working atmosphere was underpinned by the rigid arrangement of employees in their respective teams, complementing each other to hit their deadlines and carry out their tasks to a grade-A standard.

I have learnt about a number of the PR responsibilities that are carried out, from managing a client’s twitter feed to finding business features in a number of publications, which could potentially act as media coverage for the client. The world of PR has begun its snowballing progression into the mobile age, and digital media is becoming the core of all corporations’ public relations.

The past few days have given me a fulfilling insight into the workings of not just a PR company, but the general office ecosystem as a whole. Every day at Whiteoaks throws up new challenges and new opportunities, which are tackled with composure and team unity. I’d like to say a huge thank you to all at Whiteoaks who have welcomed me into their environment with open arms and have helped make the week so far a rewarding experience.