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We are an award-winning PR, content creation, digital and social media agency for B2B technology brands

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Client Testimonial

  • “Whiteoaks adds a lot of experience and structure to our marketing efforts. We’re working closely together as one team.”

    Martijn Groot | VP Marketing & Strategy, Asset Control

  • “We went through a detailed and lengthy process when selecting our PR agency and Whiteoaks has consistently exceeded our expectations.”

    Sarah Todd | Head of Marketing, Ecrebo

  • “Whiteoaks’ energy and enthusiasm and the detailed knowledge of our business is unparalleled and this combination delivers results.”

    Nick Bloom | VP Partnerships & Alliances, Glasswall Solutions

  • “Whiteoaks has been a professional and committed partner. The team has taken the time to truly understand eBECS’ unique approach to the market.”

    Rufus Lunn | Surface Hub Lead, eBECS

  • “Working with Whiteoaks has been a pleasure. They took ownership of the social channels and were able to work independently. Results have been fantastic.

    Liesbet Meesschaert | Campaign Marketing Manager at Barco

  • Whiteoaks helped Omnico Group generate £12m in qualified sales and more than 200 pieces of media coverage in 2017

    Kathryn Finch and Emma Lampard | Senior Marketing team at Omnico Group

A Better PR Solution

Effective results with robust performance commitments and formal service level agreements

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Deliberately Different

Conventional PR doesn’t work for clients. We think there’s a better way to achieve a direct link between outputs and business objectives

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