"I've worked with Whiteoaks for many years in different roles and companies and I would highly recommend them. They've displayed overall great performance for years and years...great hiring always equals great performance. And they deliver consistency across all aspects of their offering too."

Chrissie Jamieson, VP Marketing, GainPro

“I’ve found Whiteoaks to be responsive, friendly, professional and fully able to understand both our company and what interests our audiences. The team are really supportive and great to work with.”

Andy Peart, Marketing Director, Causeway

“The Whiteoaks team are knowledgeable, trustworthy and adopt a very structured approach.”

Tanja Säde, Head Of Global Marketing and Communications, Visual Components

“The Whiteoaks team go above and beyond. We’ve witnessed great results and real value for money. They are supportive and a pleasure to work with, providing us with access to key media targets.”

Anna Holden, Marketing Manager, Merapar

“The Whiteoaks team are professional, extremely well organised and quick to respond to our questions. They have become integrated in our team rather than just another agency we work with, working directly with our executive leadership team members and taking ownership of deliverables.”

Dom Gryszan, Director of Marketing, Apogee

“Our experience with Whiteoaks has been one of enthusiasm, understanding and teamwork.”

Polly Stobinski, Global Marketing Director, IFS

Clients gave us a 99% satisfaction rating for our PR, creative, content and social media services

2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey

"An excellent agency that has been in instrumental in shaping the direction of our communications activities from the start of the relationship. They are highly skilled, creative, warm and approachable. They are an integral part of our team and extremely well respected by our business."

2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey

“The Whiteoaks team are quick in communicating and following up, with good content creation and reliable in securing placements.”

Martijn Groot, VP Marketing and Strategy, Alveo Technology

The creative department at Whiteoaks is a true reflection of how the company operates. We’ve been working with Whiteoaks for nearly two and a half years and when they launched their in-house creative department we were able to leverage the new service, by building out designed marketing assets based on our PR activity. The creative team delivered exactly what we needed, quickly, in line with our brand guidelines, relevant to the project and target audiences, and of course, it looked really good.

Cara Bainton, Marketing Programmes Manager, InterSystems UK

93% are very satisfied or satisfied with our strategic direction and creative consultancy

2022 Client Satisfaction Survey

Really great work from the Whiteoaks content team who delivered a series of user guides that perfectly captured our tone and style. The guides were well received by our marketing department who put them to work immediately. From taking the brief to delivering clear and focused content that met the needs of two distinct audiences, the Whiteoaks writers delivered exactly what we wanted and needed to suit our purposes.

Peter Eyre, Managing Director at Vevox

94% of our clients say we play a key role in their business

2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey

"Whiteoaks really gets our business and always delivers on the content. The written content, creative, and account management are always spot on. The team knows what we're trying to accomplish and works with us to accomplish it."

Kate Kennedy, Senior Manager, Data Platform Marketing, InterSystems

"I prefer working with Whiteoaks over other agencies because of the fact that our PR plan is based on deliverables, and because of the team structure. Having a separate writing team is key."

2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey

"Whiteoaks is thorough, thoughtful, quick to respond and the quality of work is good."

2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey


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