Our agency-agnostic approach — International Performance Management model provides four different options to businesses looking for a B2B tech PR agency with global reach and consistent experience. These options are designed to deliver performance-driven, strategic communications with measurable results and return on investment in every country, bridging the gap between the usual all or nothing approaches. 

Unlike other international PR agency offerings that focus on a ‘one-agency approach’, we recommend the most suitable option to meet your requirements and ensure success at both local and international levels.  

Use the Group

Use the Group

Select relevant agencies from the WIN PR Group, an instant international PR network that provides services in over 70 countries

Stay Local

Stay Local

Select your own PR agencies locally and work within the Whiteoaks International IPM operational structure



Combine certain agencies from the WIN PR Group, along with other local PR agencies of your choosing, and work within the Whiteoaks International IPM framework



Bring active relationships with a different local network of PR agencies and adopt the Whiteoaks International IPM approach


A high-performance ‘best of breed’ international agency network for technology and B2B public relations, content, social media and digital services

Local knowledge, expertise, focus and commitment on an international scale

A single body to proactively ensure consistency of content, delivery, systems, ways of working, reporting and evaluation across the world

One resource, one solution with consistently exceptional results generated in all territories

Ad hoc projects or comprehensive international PR campaigns

Lower management overheads

Rather than measuring results in combination with the relationship held with an agency, individual and total investment, activity and results will all be tracked to measure ROI and with clear, objective views of agency performance in each country

The ability to review and replace PR agencies in any country, should performance drop below expectations at any point

We firmly believe that the International Performance Management framework is a stronger, first-in-class international PR solution to solve the complex and diverse communications challenges faced by multi-national B2B technology companies.


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