Create a bespoke podcast series and allow your audience to dive deeper into thought leadership, advice, consultation and your opinion on current issues. We’ll work with you to script, name and gather the right content you need. Then record, manage and produce it. So, all you need to do it tell us what you’d like to talk about, and we’ll do the rest.

The full package

We handle everything from initial idea for a podcast, naming to script writing, designing cover artwork, jingles, recording, editing, hosting and transmission onto Apple Podcasts and Spotify – as well as podcast promotion across your social channels.

Script writing

We’ll work with you to identify how many episodes may be best and who is to be featured. Then we’ll either write a full script or mini script with bullets to make sure the content is as rich as possible.

Record wherever you are

We use a high quality recording software to get studio quality recording wherever you are. All you need is a quiet room, headphones and internet access. Our technical expert is on hand throughout the recording process.

One episode to a series

Start with one, or do a series. Once you’ve done one, it’ll be easier to produce more. You could even keep your audience engaged by releasing one per month.


InterSystems: The Data Dialogue

InterSystems wanted a different way to reach new audiences. So we created The Data Dialogue; a podcast series interviewing a range of leaders in the data field. From healthcare to analytics, fintech to achieving higher performances and scalability. Launched in 2021 this continues to be a rich platform for reaching new audiences and spreading the voice of InterSystems.

Whiteoaks: PRodcast

The Whiteoaks PRodcast is an in-depth look into, you guessed it, PR — developed by the UK’s leading B2B tech PR agency, Whiteoaks International. Delivered by a variety of hosts, each episode looks at an element of B2B PR, from marketing and top tips (for nearly everything), to growing your career and boosting your creativity.


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