It’s fair to say as years go this one been a bit of a shocker, but other than that eleven-letter word that will not make this blog, what’s happened in 2020?

This blog brings together the good bits, the bad and some quirky stories that made 2020 just about bearable.


Chemical explosions made the headlines in August, when more than 200 people sadly lost their lives with a further 5,000 suffering injuries following a large fire in the Port of Beirut.

Of all the sad events of 2020, one of the most devastating for animals was undoubtfully the wildfires in Australia that carried on into the start of the year. Recent research has estimated that the devasting impact would have been felt by up to 143 million mammals across an area similar to the size of England.


Right, now moving on to some of the good stuff., Although it might not seem like it, there have been some small reasons for celebration and recognition throughout the year.

On top of that list, must be Captain Tom Moore, whose valiant effort to complete 100 laps of his garden brought the nation together to raise more than £32 million for the NHS, a truly emphatic effort in the lead up to celebrating his 100th birthday.

Next up, England International and Manchester United star Marcus Rashford gets a well-deserved mention for strong-arming the Prime Minister into a U-turn on the school meals policy. A superb initiative from the 23-year-old to put a focus on such an important issue at a time when many high-profile footballers can appear detached from the real world.

And from footballers to office workers; the forced dawn of home working this year is hopefully one change that will impact many people for the better. While Zoom life does become tiring (please don’t mention another Zoom quiz) the idea that many businesses will now embrace a mixed office and home working approach is only a good thing in my eyes and probably in the eyes of many pets too!


Very occasionally does something appear from nothing. This has been the case across America, Romania and the UK recently with mysterious monoliths popping up in remote locations, bearing a striking resemblance to similar structures in the film Space Odyssey. While the first that was discovered in Utah in November sparked mystery, the replica that has appeared on the Isle of Wight and then quickly claimed by a local artist rather dampens any out-of-this-world theories.

In Namibia, Adolf Hitler announced this week that he thankfully also has no plans for world domination after winning a recent local election. The unfortunately named Uunona Adolf Hitler did, however, manage to scoop 85% of the votes in the region.

Rescues are always a story to warm the heart and no more so when it involves two 4-metre-long Beluga Whales called ‘Little White’ and ‘Little Grey’ moving from a small captive pool in Beijing to a wild sanctuary over 7,000km away in Iceland. An epic feat that was carried out by The Sealife Trust this year.

Underlying the strangeness of 2020 is this final story, where a female racing pigeon sold for a whopping £1.4million in November, believed to be purchased by the same Chinese bidder who currently owns a male pigeon that has been dubbed ‘the Lewis Hamilton of the sport’ called Armando.

So what a year it’s been, a few highlights and quirky stories to pick out from a mountain of restrictions, tiers and face coverings, and just when you think this whole blog hasn’t mentioned the word C-word, look closely and you might just find it.


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