By Laura Bundy, Junior Account Executive

It’s no surprise, that after a dramatic rise in smartphone usage, we would one day need to learn the TLC behind our greatest connection.

This week Apple introduced us to ‘self-service repair’, a scheme that allows customers to fix their own devices by gaining access to the tools and guides to do so. This has been applauded for the opportunity it has given and for the right to repair that many feel is owed to them. With the amount current iPhone and MacBook’s go for, it’s no wonder that its owners believe once the product is theirs, they should be able to have full access to it- parts and all. But what does this mean in the long run?

Hanging up on old habits

With COP26 being such a hot topic throughout society, it raises the question as to how this scheme may help in driving forward progression in sustainability. Or how we as individuals can influence this change. We’ve all been there, the excitement of purchasing your phone quickly turning into panic over how you can protect it. We buy screen protectors, cases, we keep the box in the back of our cupboards for years just in case it’s needed. Yet, when it comes to looking after our once loved now broken products, we result in chucking them away and buying new as quickly as we replaced the one before. I believe that with this new scheme there will be a change in habit, now that we have the access to solve any issues that may arise. Consumers instead may work on fixing and quickly resolving the problem, causing less hassle for the customer than buying a new product itself. In turn, aiding in the recycling and reconditioning of technological devices.

Fixing the progress

Apple has made their stamp too, claiming that customers who return their broken part for recycling will receive credit toward their purchase. With a company as huge and influential as Apple this can only prove to be successful in setting an example for the rest to follow and to perhaps inspire others to do one better. Representing a way to source such a positive impact on the climate! Could this be the way forward for technological businesses? A move in the right direction, to create an element of sustainability and care in how we tackle protecting the environment. I for one believe that this will have a domino effect in businesses to come, raising the importance of sustainability and laying out how this could be achieved.

There has been a mark made in the technological world toward positive environmental impact, the question is, how long till others follow in its footsteps.


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