As the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate the headlines and filter down into our social media homepages, Doomscrolling (the simple act of endlessly scrolling through bad news articles, posts, and websites) has become one of the top buzz words of the last 10 months.

For many, the social pressure to keep up to date with the news can be of extreme detriment to our mental health without us even realising – and, with the majority of individuals out of routine due to restrictions, lockdown, and furlough, the temptation to use our phones as a way to access the outside world is all too real.

So, if like me and many others you find your weekly screen time on the up, here are a couple of alternative activities that definitely don’t include double-tapping, swiping or scrolling.

Get outside
The winter months make leaving the comfort of your home that much harder but having some fresh air and a change of scenery can be a welcome distraction. Not only this, but researchers in Holland and Japan have actually found that as little as 20-30 mins exposure to nature a day can significantly reduce cortisol levels.

Check in with yourself
The slower pace doesn’t need to be a bad thing and can actually give us the opportunity to take a step back and reflect. However, if this sounds too daunting, why not start by investing 5 minutes a day for meditation to offer a brief respite from chaotic news feeds.

Embrace being socially remote
Restrictions have opened a window for businesses looking to connect with customers from the comfort of their homes. You can now arrange Zoom cocktail making classes, host dinner parties or partake in pottery making courses!

Working out has many mood-boosting benefits which are crucial in these difficult times so whether it is yoga, a brisk walk or PE with Joe Wicks, make sure you find something you enjoy.


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