In the spring, the Financial Times launched a list of Europe’s 1,000 fastest growing companies, with the tech sector forming a meaty part of this exclusive club.

Consisting of businesses that have achieved the highest percentage growth in revenues between 2012 and 2015, it was doubly pleasing to see London host 78 of them, making our capital city a true “hub for innovation and commerce in the EU”.

At Whiteoaks, as a specialist B2B tech PR agency, we are proud to represent a wide selection of the UK’s fastest growing business to business technology companies, from providers of innovative retail solutions to leaders in emerging and high-growth trends such as user-generated content.

From our experience, a common denominator for these businesses is a genuine desire for PR to link to their business objectives – and be a strategic ally in their growth.

Whether backed by venture capital cash, a private equity firm, or entirely self-funded, PR is a significant investment for companies in scale-up mode. Which is why a transparent approach resonates so well with them.

Think about the alternative. The business locks itself in to a monthly retainer, with the agency getting paid whether they deliver an impactful campaign, or very little at all. How are you supposed to demonstrate value if the key metric is how many hours you buy? Oh, and if you use up those hours, expect a bill in order to achieve anything greater.

When we meet with these companies, we are able to guarantee investment levels and set out with complete clarity the tactics that will make up our campaign, as well as the results they will generate. We make these commitments from the outset.

Furthermore, if we don’t hit these targets, we give money back, on a pro-rata basis.

This isn’t a flippant approach or a gimmick, it is born out a genuine belief that this is the right way for fast-growth companies to engage a PR agency. This transparency breeds trust – and it is the reason we have become a crucial cog in the sales and marketing teams for many, many leading tech brands.

We welcome any measure that seeks to showcase fast-growing tech companies, particularly those that showcase London as a leading centre for innovation, despite what might be perceived as “doom and gloom” about our place at the international table.


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