As part of the University Guide 2020 series on The Guardian’s website on Friday 7th June, there was a feature on Journalism, publishing and public relations (PR). The article looked specifically at how these professions have evolved especially since the advent of social media and the increasing prevalence to self-publish, presenting both opportunities and challenges for print media.

It got me thinking about how fast paced and varied the B2B tech sector is and the four tips I would offer new recruits thinking of joining.


#1 Understanding media

To succeed in public relations, it’s important to read, watch and listen to as many newspapers, blogs, magazines, radio and TV and social channels. From the outset it may seem an insurmountable task but when you know your B2B tech client and the specialist verticals they operate in it becomes a more manageable part of your job to navigate.

#2 Storytelling

The ability to tell a story and shape the narrative when pitching a new fintech solution or providing fast action commentary on a topical news item like cyber security or artificial intelligence (AI) will help you cut through the media noise and get your client the media exposure you were hired to secure. Understanding what makes a good story should make you friends with journalists for life.

#3 Networking

‘People buy from people’: it’s not just a truism in selling, it’s also valid in PR and communications. While your social profiles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) are all excellent ways to connect and show that you are keeping up to date with the industry, it’s also important to network in person with targeted, relevant journalists and influencers. All PR professionals that are successful are well connected and, more importantly, seen as reliable sources for access to media commentary.

#4 Creativity

PR is a very creative profession, where original ideas are hugely valued, no matter the industry. Notwithstanding the need to be well organised, injecting a creative spark will be what makes your hard work worthwhile and gets your client the headlines they are looking for and the subsequent sales leads.

If you would like to find out more about B2B tech PR and who works for Whiteoaks just watch this short video on our Careers web page and get in touch. We’re always on the look out for the next B2B tech superstars!


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