By Ellie Nash, Senior Digital Account Executive 

It’s official. Spring has sprung! *She says with rain rushing at her windows*

With every spring season there’s only one thing to do – CLEAN.

I’m not talking about getting the Hoover out or scrubbing the floors, instead, it’s giving your socials a big spring clean.

In this blog, I will be sharing my insight into how in as little as three steps you can make your socials go from dull and dusty, to sparkling new.

#1 Find out what’s worked

Before starting any big clean, it’s essential you find out where the mess is. In this instance, we’re talking about what’s worked and what hasn’t on your socials. Take the last three months for example; have you had a carousel post go viral? Or has one of your polls completely flopped?

It’s important to note consistency with this – If you see something that’s worked continuously well, like a certain hashtag, it’s essential you add this into your April content strategy. Likewise, if you keep seeing posts about a particular topic doing badly, you need to start thinking of a new way to position it. Why not try a new style of creative? (GIFS are doing really well on LinkedIn at the moment!).

#2 Use this as ammo

Now you know what’s worked and what hasn’t, it’s time to start working out what tools you need to attack the mess. I’m not talking about a broom, or a sponge, I’m talking about creating a content calendar.

Content calendars are fantastic for keeping you organised and on top of upcoming days and events. In my content calendar I include things like International Donut Day and St Patrick’s Day, but also ideas for new content, based on things that performed well over the last three months.

For example, if you had a post about the benefits of TikTok go viral, why not recycle that content and create a carousel post from it?

#3 It’s time to tidy up

At this point, you’ve got everything in a line – you’ve figured out where the mess is and what tools you need to start working on it. So, now it’s time to start tidying.

Let me ask you … When was the last time you updated your header? When was the last time you refreshed your profile picture? Times have changed and long gone are the days of one-liner bios and cheesy corporate headshots.

Your LinkedIn profile showcases your personality, your personal brand and what you do. So, why not make it fun, colourful, and inviting? I personally love an emoji… Or two.

If you want your content to work, you must ensure your profile is as pretty as a picture! You wouldn’t want to welcome someone into your home with a huge mess on the floor … Would you?

If you need support in giving your personal profile, or business profile a big spring clean, contact our team of social media today.


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