Social media is now firmly part of the marketing mix and is a powerful way to communicate with customers, partners, employees and prospects. A core part of social media strategy is to make your target audience stop, engage with your content, and take action. The question you have to ask yourself when creating content for your brand is what makes a user stop, what’s in it for them? A person will only stop if they are getting something in return. Will it educate them? Help them? Humour them? Can they relate to it? Content is the ultimate currency when it comes to social media. And how that content is distributed adds another layer.

Having a corporate social media account that shares great content is powerful but there is more that can be done. Your employees are the backbone of your business. They drive it forward and deliver customer success. Employees are the lynchpin of your organisation, and arguably your biggest advocates. Encouraging your leadership team, spokespeople, key representatives or sales team to join social media and be part of your corporate social media strategy is a hefty mix. Not only does it expand your reach, but it expands your reach with the right audience by tapping into networks your employees have built up. Having your employees on social media also helps put a name and face to your brand and can deliver your content in a more genuine, trustworthy way. People like people.

Careful consideration should be given to who should represent your business. You should also make them aware of your social media policy and what they can and can’t do. Keeping them updated with what social media best practice looks like will also help them get better results. Whether an individual is about to start representing your business on social media, or  looking to refresh their approach, they should always remember the basics:

– Your profile is your online introduction. Create a professional looking page with a professional photo (no holiday snaps)
– Grow the right audience. Think quality over quantity. If someone can’t add value to your network, don’t add them
– Share your knowledge with captivating insightful information and updates
– Establish a good post frequency between business and industry updates. Don’t spam your audience by constantly sharing corporate post activity
– Balance professional and personal. The more transparent an individual is, the more trustworthy they will be. No ‘business babble’
– Listen engage and interact with your audience

Combining corporate social media channels with key individual accounts will not only enhance your social media strategy, and social ROI, but it will position key employees as thought leaders in their field of expertise online. Growing an army of social media influence will allow people to engage with your business in a more friendly genuine manner. Find out more about our digital capabilities here


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