By Bekki Bushnell, Associate Director

We are all seeking the magic bullet that sends our sales into orbit. And when energised by hope and ambition, it’s all too easy to be drawn toward PR pitches that promise rocket fuel but deliver only fumes.

When agencies present purely creative PR campaigns, with outcomes that are neither predictable nor measurable, it can mean that they’ve simply run out of ideas. And while a creative Hail Mary proposal could be the salvation your brand needs, it’s crucial to strike a balance where creativity isn’t the sole driver of the campaign.

Creativity has long been celebrated as the driving force behind innovative campaigns and groundbreaking ideas. While creative thinking is an undeniably powerful tool to capture attention and engage audiences, it best works in a marriage with strategic planning. The smartest campaigns are integrated across digital, creative, content and media. Each pillar contributes to measurable outcomes, aligning with the specific goals of the campaign.

While marketing builds a value proposition with a client, PR can harmoniously justify that proposition, pushing sales, with the right customers and at the right price. Ensuring that the right message is generated, that it’s effective and that it’s being broadcast to the correct audience.

PR should play a leading role in determining and embedding brand values into the public psyche. In doing so, it expands the desire for the product, rationalises the buying decision and makes the ownership experience more valuable.

Our job within PR is to work with brands in such a way that their values resonate with the buyers. Through storytelling, thought leadership, providing commentary to the front page of the country’s most important news sources, or creating regular updates for the business community. Everything is possible, and everything is within reach when the correct approach is applied.

The technology market is a dense and noisy and one. New tools, platforms and products appear with each season, backed by various capital structures. It takes time and effort to cut through the noise. While a purely creative, abstract, campaign might seem appealing, it’s no replacement for a strategic approach.

There’s a good reason why there are so many rungs on the PR career ladder – there’s just an awful lot to learn. That’s why our 30 years of experience pays dividends. Throughout our journey, we’ve developed and learned, as individuals and as a company, and always been supported by our unique and flexible engagement business model. Abandoning the traditional retainer, we offer fixed fees for fixed deliverables and a formal SLA to single-mindedly focus on achieving impactful results for our clients.

In the dynamic landscape of PR, creativity remains an invaluable asset that fuels innovation and sets the stage for remarkable campaigns. However, it is essential to combine creativity with a strategic mindset to achieve tangible results and measurable outcomes. By taking a measured approach to PR that embraces strategic creativity, brands can unlock the true potential of their campaigns, leaving a lasting impact on their audience and driving success in a rapidly evolving media landscape.

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