I’m willing to bet that that many of you entered 2017 with the resolution of starting a healthy lifestyle after one too many mince pies in the office. The question is: did you sign up for a gym membership or did you, like many others in the UK, find yourself downloading a fitness app on your smartphone?

With the growing popularity of health apps and wearable fitness tech, is it possible that gyms in 2017 are facing a fall in new memberships because these apps are so easy to download (and don’t cost a fortune to get out of once the enthusiasm of a new year has waned)? The allure of these apps is complete freedom — you can exercise wherever and whenever you want to, without the expense of signing up to a gym.

Whether that’s a short 20-minute workout before work, before you go to bed or even in your lunch break.
Another benefit is that the apps are personalised around your needs, providing videos and animations to demonstrate how to complete recommended exercises. So it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or an advance fitness enthusiast, the app will always support you and help you achieve your fitness goals.

There has also been significant engagement across social media platforms with healthy food, workouts, diet plans and an overall healthy image shared on Instagram accounts. Joe Wicks aka ‘The Body Coach’ and Kayla Itsines are amongst some of the many huge online fitness enthusiasts that have been influencing their followers to join in and use many of the popular apps downloaded on smartphones in 2016.

The most downloaded and recommended fitness apps include:

– Nike Training Club
– MyFitnessPal
– IMuscle
– Pocket Yoga
– Gympact
– Digital icardio
– Sweat with Kayla

And, coupled with the use of wearable tech like a Fitbit, Jawbone or Misfit, apps are becoming the most effective existing technological tool for consumers to achieve a healthy lifestyle. They are able to track your progress, measure your performance and also create goals, challenges, weekly meal plans and even shopping lists for you to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle.

So while health and fitness has found a new life through technology, does this signal the end of the traditional gym? Well, for me personally, I’ve swapped my gym membership for app-based fitness, but I’ll see how it goes… watch this space!


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