We are living in a time that is full of innovative and disruptive technologies. This is supported by the vast number of companies that are receiving huge funding rounds each week, just so they can find the smallest competitive advantage in their market. But with the sheer number of tech companies that are operating in your market, how do you achieve sustainable growth?

This is an ongoing challenge for business leaders. How do you ensure your company is financially stable enough to stay in the market, while continuously investing in your technology to stay ahead of the competition? It’s a bit of a Catch-22 and one that many experts have tried to answer. A good example is Uber who has been operating for over 10 years and received $24.7 billion in funding to date but has never turned a profit. With increased pressure from its investors to prove that the business can be profitable, what are the next steps? What can fast-growth tech businesses like Uber do?

To answer those questions, we spoke to business leaders  who are currently and successfully managing their path to sustainable growth.

Introducing The Secrets of Tech growth — our research designed to answer these questions and shed some light on the experiences of those who are at the helm of successful, fast-growth companies. We interviewed a series of past, present and prospective clients, both CEOs and CMOs, to gather their insights on how their businesses are pushing forward, how they are using PR and marketing, and what advice they would give future market entrants.

The research covers multiple industries and the interviews reveal some shared views as well as differing opinion. For example, some focus their growth on providing customer value, whereas others prioritise company culture..

The views on when to deploy PR and marketing also differ between CMOs and CEOs but the use of it is considered vital in the growth of a company. Some companies opt to use purely digital platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn and others are focused on staff-generated content. The eBook reveals some reassuring and some surprising yet thought-provoking insights into the journeys, challenges and practices of a cross-section of fast-growth tech businesses.

With over 25 years as an established tech PR agency, that has worked with many fast-growth companies and played a part in their success, we recommend that any fast-growth firm considering PR investment first ask themselves how it can aid their growth plans. Our deliberately different approach ensures that you are getting the maximum out of your investment.

Gain insight into how to achieve sustainable growth in a competitive market by downloading The Secrets of Tech Growth.



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