By Bekki Bushnell, Associate Director

The UK is the largest market for US services in the world, and the two countries are so culturally interwoven, that at first sight it can be difficult to appreciate the differences. The language is the same of course, and we consume a similar diet of Hollywood movies, but after that – the cultural similarities begin to diverge. Our health system is socialised, our expectations of life are perhaps more modest, and our island mentality is challenging – admittedly, even for us. But the UK market is a great place for US firms to grow their global presence and offers the perfect springboard to Europe.

But for US companies crossing the pond, diving into unfamiliar waters can be scarier than launching on home soil, especially given cultural nuances and the ultra-competitive tech world. It’s crucial to have a sense of security and know that your investment is in safe hands. That’s why having an established UK-based PR agency with a solid grip on the US scene can be a game-changer.

At Whiteoaks, we’ve been helping US technology companies build their presence in the UK for years with our unique selling proposition of fixed fees for fixed deliverables. Our transparent pricing model gives companies a clear roadmap, giving the financial clarity needed to confidently forge a strong and successful UK footprint.

In this blog, we’ll explore how PR can be leveraged as a powerful tool to establish brand visibility, build trust, and create a strong, measurable market presence for US companies in the UK.

Building Brand Visibility

Entering a new market requires creating awareness about your brand, products, and services. Naturally, having the right connections in place at launch means saving time and energy on campaigns that might potentially backfire. And because buyer profiles, job titles and consumer sentiment are different in the US versus the UK, building awareness will need some cultural adjustments.

It’s not just about the grammar. Capturing and amplifying the brand elements that resonate the most with a UK audience takes some skill. US technology firms can be certain that the vital role of building brand visibility is done correctly, first time, with a trusted UK partner by their side. After all, there’s only one chance to create a first impression, and it needs to be done properly. Through media relations, press releases, and thought leadership articles, our experienced PR professionals can guarantee valuable coverage in UK publications, online platforms, and broadcast media, building authority with every forward step.

Working with PR agencies or professionals that possess a deep understanding of the UK media landscape ensures that a brand’s messaging is tailored for the local audience. By understanding what stories should be highlighted, and what stories should be kept aside for now, a locally attuned PR company can effectively capture the attention of potential customers, investors, and partners.

Establishing Trust and Credibility

Trust is a critical factor in winning over customers and stakeholders in a new market. PR activities help US firms capture their audience’s trust and establish credibility in the UK by leveraging media endorsements, thought leadership, and positive press coverage.

By securing media placements in reputable UK publications and industry-specific outlets, PR professionals can position your company as a trustworthy and reliable player. Engaging in thought leadership initiatives such as contributing articles, participating in panel discussions, and speaking at industry events further enhances your credibility and positions your brand as an industry leader.

Engaging with Local Influencers and Partners

PR provides a gateway to connect with influential individuals and key stakeholders in the UK technology ecosystem. Engaging with local influencers, industry experts, analysts and potential partners through media opportunities, events, and strategic collaborations will significantly amplify any company’s reach and impact.

By building relationships with UK-based influencers, industry analysts, and technology experts, US technology firms can gain valuable insights, access new networks, and foster mutually beneficial partnerships. Influencers can help introduce your brand to their established networks, increasing awareness and generating buzz around your products and services.

Navigating Cultural and Market Dynamics

The UK market has its own unique cultural nuances and business dynamics. PR professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of the UK market can provide valuable guidance and help US technology firms navigate these complexities effectively.

At Whiteoaks, we understand the intricacies of the UK media landscape, as well as the impact of meeting target audience preferences and communication styles. We also proudly demonstrate the value of fixed fees for fixed deliverables, bolstered by robust KPIs and a dependable SLA. Our approach encompasses teams that specialise in Content, Digital, Media, and Creative, offering an end-to-end service in house that means we can control the cost and quality of the overall service. We tailor our messaging and PR strategies to align with the local market, ensuring that your company’s story is told in a way that the local audience will understand.

Entering the UK market presents tremendous opportunities for US technology firms, and strategic PR efforts can be a key driver of success. By leveraging PR to build brand visibility, establish trust, engage with influencers, and navigate market dynamics, US technology companies can create a strong foothold in the UK and unlock their growth potential in this dynamic market.

If you would like to know more about how US firms can enter the UK market, please get in touch!


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