While employee engagement is now highly regarded as a critical enabler to business success, organisations and associated HR and internal communication teams are still faced with a number of challenges when it comes to building and maintaining it. For many businesses, this is largely shown by their employee turnover figures that continue to increase year after year, with research also reporting that 63% of companies admit retaining employees is actually harder than hiring them.

A recent survey declared British CEOs as disengaged from the workforce.  This, coupled with recent research from one our clients, employee engagement app technology company Vevox, which found over one-third (34%) of employees in large organisations say that management rarely or never listen to them and address their ideas, also suggests that there is a sizeable engagement gap between senior management and the workforce. This, in turn, is arguably affecting employees’ willingness to provide feedback – which is backed up further by Vevox’s research that revealed more than half of employees (57%) are often afraid to voice ideas to management about how their role or the business could be improved.

Organisations are also somewhat challenged by the ever-changing employee demands prompted by our multi-generational workforce. With so many varied needs and expectations, it can be difficult for companies to cater for everyone. But if they aren’t doing so, it will likely have a negative effect on how their employees engage with them.

Fortunately, today’s technology is giving businesses a good chance at improving engagement levels and building positive relationships between senior management teams and employees. There is a new array of communication and engagement gamification apps that not only appeal to younger, tech-savvy workers, but also open up opportunities for organisations to offer employees new ways of engaging with the business and sharing feedback and ideas.

In addition to this, AI and data analytics technologies are providing businesses with intelligent insights that enable HR teams to identify and track employee trends, monitor satisfaction and create tailored development and career plans to enhance engagement and retain staff.

Social media is also another valuable platform that organisations can utilise to engage with their workforce. Giving employees the opportunity to engage with different channels can encourage them to feel continuously connected with the business and keeps them informed with the latest updates and company news.

As today’s business landscape continues to evolve and change, employee engagement is likely to continue to present some challenges. But, if organisations utilise the engagement tools that are available to them to the best of their advantage, they do have the potential to derive great value from their workforce.


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