By Bekki Bushnell, Head of Business Development

One of the joys of working on the business development side of Whiteoaks is getting to speak with a huge range of B2B technology brands, from established players to upcoming challengers, and listen to the crucial role PR must play in the growth and success of their company.

Regardless of size, more often than not, the ultimate goal is to build brand awareness to support the sales cycle.

I had it put to me in a meeting recently that the business in question’s workforce was organised into: those working in the sales team – and those working in sales support. I found this a fascinating insight into the mindset of the C-Suite and to be honest, I am inclined to agree.

Before this turns into a capitalist diatribe, let me elaborate.

The major challenges we see businesses facing when we meet with them for the first time is that they need to get their name out there across traditional media relations, digital channels, industry influencers and, in some cases, direct to the prospect themselves.

Now the tactics, messaging and routes to market may differ, but it is all about building positive perceptions of the company in the eyes of your prospective customers (or indeed upselling within an existing customer base).

All of the major and successful tech brands have one thing in common – they all invest in PR. They can’t all be wrong, can they?

So anyone who shies away from, or tries to dilute the fact that PR is a sales support tool is being deliberately disingenuous. It’s why our 360PR approach, which demonstrates clear return on investment, is so important.

We understand the metrics and links between PR and sales; we build transparent campaigns in order to demonstrate just that. The PR industry has made a bad name for itself by setting monthly retainers, billing hours and creating nothing more than vanity projects.

How does that help a business seeking fast growth and direct sales support? In truth, it doesn’t, and it is the reason we hear from so many prospects who have been burned by this model.

So let’s hear it for the sales support team! We wouldn’t have it any other way.


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