Who are you? And what’s your job at Whiteoaks?
My name’s Bekki, and I’m a senior account executive at Whiteoaks.

What does your daily to-do list look like?
I know that everyone says it but my day really is very varied. The one thing that happens like clockwork is that l always start my day by reading the morning’s news including a browse of my guilty pleasure, the Daily Mail (entirely work related, I promise…). Most of my day is then spent trying to identify and secure the best media opportunities for my clients, as well as working with our team to create and deliver on exciting campaigns. I also like to get out and about when I can, whether that’s facilitating interviews with national media or networking with key influencers over lunch.

What made you want to get into PR?
Growing up, my dream was always to be a forensic psychologist, which is why I did my degree in psychology. However, as I was studying I realised I wanted to do something more corporate that would allow me to put my extraversion to good use and that would keep me on my toes. Once I graduated I did an advertising internship in India for a few months, which then opened the door to PR for me.

What is your favourite brand and why?
At the moment it’s Primark. The clothes are actually very good, and in my opinion, the range has just become even better value for money as the years have gone on. I love the Disney collections the chain is bringing out at the moment, and I’m a sucker for anything mermaid or unicorn-related. On top of that, the way Primark manages social media impresses me — it is the only brand whose Instagram Stories I actually find engaging and want to watch all the way through.

What’s your top tip for someone who wants to get into the PR industry?
Make sure you get some good work experience and once you’re in a role then show a willingness to learn from everyone around you. You will always be learning new things and the way you work will change as you find your own style. Being able to adapt is key.

How do you unwind after a day in the office?
I have a vast selection of unicorn pyjamas which I wear on rotation and I like to just relax at home with my cat Phoebe. Every Thursday I go to Slimming World to find out whether the scales have picked up on the 12 million brownies that ‘don’t count’ because I’ve shared them with someone else. On weekends I like to have a few drinks with friends (also doesn’t count against the diet because it’s a liquid….), and as you might have guessed, probably a visit to Primark too.

What’s your favourite anthem suggestion for Friday’s Whiteoaks Power Hour?
Taylor Swift, without doubt. Luckily, this is never an issue in my team as we’re all avid Taylor Swift fans. In fact I’m the only loser who didn’t grab tickets to see her on tour this summer.

If you could be any character in any film, what would you be?
Anastasia Steele, I’m sure I don’t need to explain.

What’s your ideal getaway location?
I usually jet off to India every year to see family, but I’m taking a break from that this year in the hopes of going somewhere completely new. I’d love to go to the Caribbean, Vietnam and Japan (probably not all this year though).

What’s your go-to party trick?
I can pop my eyes quite far out of their sockets but it gives me a headache and tends to scare people. It’s for special occasions only.

And finally, cheesy chips?


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