Latest technology round-up


Google patents robot help for social media burnout

22nd November 2013
BBC News

The search giant has patented plans for software which slowly learns how you react on social networks.

The software can mimic your usual responses to updates and messages from friends and relations to help cope with the daily data deluge.

‘Boozing Brits’ lose work devices when drinking

22nd November 2013
The Telegraph, Sophie Curtis

Over half of Britons have lost their mobile phone when drinking, according to a survey of UK consumers. This survey reveals ‘culture of carelessness’ towards work devices and corporate data.

Half of All Active Twitter Users Live in Five Countries

22nd November 2013
Mashable, Zoe Fox

Half of Twitter’s active users, who tweet once a month, are living in just five countries across the world, including the United States, Japan, Indonesia, the UK and Brazil.

Amazon launches its own virtual currency

22nd November 2013
The Telegraph, Daniel Johnson

This week the Bitcoin was recognised as legitimate virtual currency by the FBI. A huge vote of confidence that brings Bitcoin one step closer to becoming a significant global currency, and Bitcoin’s value rose accordingly.

Inevitably, the corporate world is also looking to embrace virtual money and Amazon launched its own digital currency, Amazon Coins, in the UK last week. It allows users to buy digital content from Amazon at the click of a button, making life easier for users of the company’s Kindle Fire tablets. It also makes it possible to pre-load devices with credits so children can’t go on unplanned spending sprees using their parents’ credit cards!

At present Amazon Coins can only be purchased in bulk, which will naturally encourage customers to make more impulse buys – after all it’s just a click…