As a designer, a lot of work, research and planning goes into a website re-design; everything from sitemaps, ‘what shall we call this page?’ ‘what animation happens here?’ …usability, functionality and of course, adding those special design elements in to make sure our clients are looking their best against the competition.

With that said, let’s talk through three of the latest web design trends of the moment.

Dark design. It’s dramatic, modern, eye-catching and one of the biggest trends for 2021. Even the most popular social platforms have jumped on-board (I’m looking at you Facebook and Instagram!) Dark mode is also an option on iOS, (don’t ask me about Android, I’m a typical designer and only ‘do’ Apple!) making it easier on your eyes and switching up the look and feel of the normal user interface. Paired with striking colours, dark design can be a really nice way of updating the look of your site.

Micro-interactions. These are the little things, the finer details that users will notice when they interact with your site. They have been known to improve the user experience, making it memorable and enjoyable, almost as if the site is reacting to the user’s touch on all levels.

Modular Design. When you design a series of layouts and elements that can all fit together in a variety of ways. It’s a nice way of constructing a website, ensuring consistency within modules and looks good too. This is also a great way of designing a site that the client wants more control over, as they can be easily put together using Content Management Systems (CMS)

There are of course many more trends that are up and coming in an ever-changing industry. Depending on your brand and the way you want to interact with your potential customers, there are lots of ways to make sure you’re hitting all the rights notes that users want and need from your website.


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