Without the necessary local knowledge and contacts, entering a new overseas market can seem like a daunting prospect for B2B technology companies.

It isn’t as simple as replicating the strategy and tactics that have worked so well in the UK. Instead, B2B tech brands need to consider the potential language barriers, cultural nuances and broader technology landscape in the region.

Yet, all too often we see organisations making the vital mistake of opting for a one-size-fits-all approach to international PR.

This can leave international PR campaigns falling flat and unlikely to yield the results firms desire.

After all, brand messaging that resonates with audiences in North America might not have the same impact in Asia due to cultural and linguistic disparities. All it takes is one crucial word in a brand’s key messaging to not translate to change the entire sentiment it is trying to convey.

Consequently, a tailored approach to international PR is needed to ensure companies see return on investment and achieve brand resonance in the markets in which they wish to make headway.

An agency-agnostic approach to international PR

B2B technology companies can take the uncertainty out of international PR by engaging with the experts on the ground. One lead B2B tech PR agency can act as the gateway to a network of trusted, performance-driven agencies in key regions to deliver global reach. This is the agency-agnostic approach.

Access to this network enables B2B technology companies to develop bespoke PR strategies that align with local expectations, yet stay true to the global brand identity. From the outset, organisations can choose the relevant agencies that reside in their target regions. These local partners provide invaluable insights into cultural expectations and etiquette, preferred communication channels and key thought leaders or industry events that can amplify a brand’s message effectively.

Consistent practices and reporting

B2B tech companies needn’t worry that this approach would result in engaging with various different points of contact across agencies. Instead, the lead agency engages and manages agencies across all key regions to ensure consistent processes and effective practices for international success.

Every local agency in the network is held accountable for content, delivery systems, effective ways of working and reporting. Detailed region-specific reports provide clarity as to the results being achieved in each country. Companies can quickly see the ROI across individual regions and as a total figure, alongside market dynamics and consumer behaviour.

Collective strength under the unified standard of an agency-agnostic approach allows technology businesses to seamlessly scale in new markets as needed, with the ability to review and replace PR agencies in any country. This can all be facilitated with one simple contract with the lead agency, removing the constraints of traditional and inflexible global PR contracts. Multiple local agencies within the global network can even be combined to collaborate on a multi-region major campaign.

Extending into international markets

Our agency-agnostic approach to international PR allows B2B tech companies to maintain a unified brand identity while adapting messages to resonate on a regional level. By embracing this approach, B2B tech firms can overcome the challenges of entering a new market and effectively tailor their PR efforts to meet the unique demands and sensibilities of each target region to drive impact.

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