Mel and Sue quit Bake off and Whiteoaks gets a new website – what a week!


On Monday, the news broke that The Great British Bake Off is on the move to Channel 4. On Tuesday the Bank of England introduced the new £5 note made of polymer while the country bathed in the hottest September day since 2011. By Wednesday Team GB had surpassed the gold tally from London 2012 thanks to Dame Sarah Story and Thursday will be remembered as the day the government approved the Hinkley Point deal.

All the while in the background, the new Whiteoaks website was uploaded and went live with a list of features as long as our arm. If you want to find out how we help some of the UK’s top B2B tech companies meet their business objectives watch David Pearson from the Marketors describe what we do.  Freelance journalist Jessica Twentyman shares her opinion on why Whiteoaks can be relied upon to provide excellent thought leadership commentary on behalf of B2B tech clients.

If you’re looking for tips on how to build lasting client relationships, it is worth reading Hayley’s helpful blog. For next generation lead generation, James has written a succinct one page article offering practical guidance. Wondering how investing in PR can give you ROI? Chris Dye of Glasswall Solutions provides a succinct explanation.

Or, if you fancy yourself as a budding PR account executive eager to pitch to nationals and trade press or you like the idea of copy writing or becoming a digital consultant, get in touch and see what the agency has to offer. Whiteoaks is always on the look-out for the next team player.

Pondering one of Aristotle’s well known musings, I’ve asked myself the question: can this new website as a whole be greater than the sum of its parts? If we mean can Whiteoaks’ new online presence accurately reflect the level of professionalism of the agency, yes it can. Can it portray the consultancy as a serious player in B2B tech PR, yes it can. Can you determine if the agency is the right fit for your PR requirements? My recommendation is to take a peek at some of its larger than life characters and ask yourself the question: could I work with these people and know they will deliver on their promises and maybe have a bit of fun along the way?

There are no known statistics on how many new websites are launched every week and equally there are no numbers on the amount of press releases issued off the back of these new websites. All are labours of passion. What makes the new look Whiteoaks website extra special is the people that feature on every page: our clients, our staff, our story. Go on, jump in, you know you want to.