By Ellie Nash, Senior Digital Account Executive

You may have seen the news…effective June 26th 2023, LinkedIn will be removing the ability to create carousels within the platform.

The announcement was made by the LinkedIn team, who received creator feedback that suggests carousels aren’t facilitating the ability to share all members’ experiences and knowledge.

Although this news may seem discouraging, there is no need to worry. The current carousels on LinkedIn will still be viewable and accessible to viewers.. However, no new carousels can be created after June 26th.

So, what are the options for those who want to share information using the carousel format?

LinkedIn has given creators an alternative. Instead of creating carousels within the LinkedIn tool, the platform has added a feature to upload carousels as PDFs. To do this, click the ‘More’ button on your post and select ‘Add a document,’ where you can upload your carousel as a PDF.

If you need support on creating and posting your new carousels, get in touch with our Digital and Creative teams.


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